At St. John's Diocesan School we have various clubs in which the students take part accordingly to their personal interests. This is done on every Friday for a period of one hour.


– This club has been divided into two wings – the Eastern and the Western Music to help cater to the talents of the different students. The Eastern Music students are taught classical songs and Rabindra Sangeet. The members of the Western Music are taught the finer points of singing to help enhance their talent further.


– This club teaches students the biblical values of justice, honesty, sharing and friendship and is encouraged to imbibe these virtues into their daily lives. Issues such as career choices and guidance, values of joint family and emergence of nuclear families are discussed and debated where students freely voice their opinions. The students read the scripture and the inner meaning is also imparted to them for better understanding.


– This club is very active and constantly organizes fund raising events to cater to the needs of second schools at Bedford Lane and Bamun Bagan. The members visit the second schools and provided stationeries and mid day meals to the students. The members of the club visit old age homes and HIV patients at Hospice. They organize food festivals to raise funds. The girls also participate in inter school competitions.


– The students of this club conduct activities to keep themselves both physically and mentally fit. They play various games like Kho-Kho, Kabbaddi, Badminton, Basketball. 


– The students of this club conduct campaigns to help keep the school compound and chapel clean. They also help in badge making and taking care of the library.


– This club is divided into Eastern and Western Dance Group. The students are divided into groups headed by a leader who teach them the finer tricks to graceful dancing. They practice various forms of Dance such as Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi and Rabindra Nritya.


– This club helps students develop their speech and writing skills in English, Hindi and Bengali by conducting training sessions for open mike discussions, extempore, recitation, word games and creative writing. The club members also write articles, poems, skit which are then published in the school magazine ‘Papyrus’.


– This club undertakes a lot of activities. Aluminum naming sheets are painted by the members to put on the trees to identify them. Saplings are planted in the school campus to add to the greenery. The members take keen interest in maintaining ‘Dio Pappillo’ – the school Butterfly Garden. The students are givne knowledge about the various types of butterflies and their life cycles. The girls are also encouraged to take care of the larva and pupa of different butterlies. This year they were taken for a special visit to Science City to meet the Curator Dr. S. Jeelani.


– This club helps students develop their IT skills. This year the members took up the responsibility of making models and charts on various topics of computers to decorate the Senior Computer Laboratory and at the same time provide interesting information to all.


– The outcome of this club is to understand facts and concepts concerning various aspects of art and craft, to recognize self-employment through art and craft, to develop skills for utilizing the crafts as a business purpose. The girls are taught to make paper collages, acrylic painting. They are also taught interesting ways to make day to day items into something beautiful and useful.


– The members of this club are discuss various topics to help improve their general knowledge. They conduct interactive sessions which are programmed in such a way that each member produces some ideas for a given topic.


– This club gives an opportunity to the students to do science related activities that extend and enhance the knowledge acquired in the class room. Experiments like producing electricity from lemon, simple electric circuit, pinhole camera, periscope etc are conducted. The members work as a team and shared their knowledge with each other.


– Students are very much enthusiastic about this club. There is a good interaction session between the students and the teachers. In this club they learn about maintenance of hygiene and safety in the kitchen. A number of nutritious and tasty recipes are discussed. They also prepare some delicious items like chilly chicken, pasta, paneer etc